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abc kids gamesUsing ABC kids games can be a great way of teaching your child about the alphabet as well as having a bit of fun around the house. You do not necessarily have to play preschool games as it is possible to get your child engaged in learning their letters through signs, labels, and picture books. However, educational games offer a way to make learning fun and it is important to get your child involved in the learning process as early as possible.

Using Technology

The massive developments in ipod games and tablet technology have made computing a lot more accessible for young children. Touch screens are almost tailor made for small fingers and removes the need for being able to identify keys on a keyboard or have the fine motor skills for a mouse. Some fun ABC kids games to play online include:

Find the object – This simple game can also be downloaded as an app and comes in big bold colors. Each round has a big letter on the side of the board and shows a picture containing many different objects starting with different letters. Your child then has to find the object that starts with the big letter. You can change the difficulty by adding more objects or adding more letters.

Write the letter – While most ABC kids games will focus on being able to recognize letters and the sounds that they make, write the letter games start your child on being able to form their letters. The best ones are apps that make use of touch screen technology so your child can draw the letter shapes with their fingers. You will find good programs, which are interactive, providing a live trail for your child to follow on screen to create each letter.

Whack a mole – Any quick paced game that rapidly fires a lot of information at your child's brain will go well, and ABC whack a mole is a great example. Instead of bashing down traditional moles, children have to bash the letters that come up on screen. You can find versions where they have to hit the letters in alphabetical order or ones where the game will speak the letter that is hit.

preschool gamesTraditional Games

If you are not a big believer in letting young children learn through technology, plenty of ABC kids games are available that you can play with just a paper and a pencil. Non technology based games include:

Spot the letter – Create a sheet with all the letters appearing twice. Take it in turns with your child to draw a curvy line that connects two of the same letter. The only rule is that the lines cannot touch each other. Try to see if you can finish all 26 pairs without any of the lines crossing over. For an extra challenge, you can stipulate that you must go through the game in alphabetical order.

I spy – The classic car ride game can be played around the house to get your child to think about the sounds that letters make. The kitchen is filled with differently named items, and a great location in which to play the game. An alternative way to play I spy is to ask your child to find you something in the room or the house that begins with a certain letter.

Playing ABC kids games will engage your child in learning while letting them have fun at the same time. You can also achieve this through preschool games as well as songs, such as the ABC song, which will cement the names of the letters in the right order for life.

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