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Need help making sense of all the computer and video games your kids love? Don't worry--there's so much to choose from, with a little guidance you can make sure they're learning AND happy.

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The video game industry is currently estimated to be worth more than the movie industry and music industry combined. PlayStation 3 games, Xbox 360 games, and Nintendo Wii games sell billions upon billions each year and kids can't get enough of them. While studies often look at video game violence, they too often ignore the benefits that video game consoles can provide.

Whether on your console system, computer, or cell phone, there are numerous kids video games that can really teach your child, letting them have fun without making you feel guilty or concerned over their gaming habits. New studies even show that video games boost creativity, so don't ignore them.

By far the most common types of games are video game consoles like PS3 games or handhelds like DS games. While kids love all types of games - handheld games, shooters, RPGs, and more – there are numerous games designed to be fun and educational.

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Even free multiplayer games are available that have a layer of learning built in, teach kids about resource management, teamwork, planning, and even basic math skills. These aren't just kids' games, either. There are a surprisingly large number of well-known games that can teach numerous skills.

Classic arcade games like the famous Tetris games often help build thinking, planning, and reflexes in kids and are available as PS3 games, Nintendo games, and more. And you've probably got a great system for computer and video games in your pocket.

computer and video games IPod games and IPhone games are more popular than ever, and numerous free cell phone games can be entertaining while providing a layer of education. Something as popular and famous as the Bejeweled game, for instance, consists of matching and planning components that can teach your children a number of skills they'll use throughout their life.

LeapFrog Text and Learn educational toys are a type of computer and video games that actually let you know they're focused on learning, but others are as well. The Nintendo DS games on the market today like Brain Age DS and Professor Layton and the Curious Village are among the best available for boosting problem solving skills and can teach your children a lot. Many are just as fun for adults, too.

Just read some basic video game reviews and you're likely to find a wide range of games that will give your children hours of fun while teaching them something in the process. They can be powerful tools that are too often overlooked.

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