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These popular games games include learning experiences that last a lifetime

educational gamesChess games have changed very little over the last 500 years. In fact, a similar game was played over 1000 years ago. Modifications have been made. Electronic and battle-type versions designed for more than two players have been introduced. Yet, the original played on a basic checkerboard is still one of the most popular.

During the Middle Ages, only the nobility played chess and the game was sometimes called the “King’s Game”. Common folk had little time for such things. Luckily, we all have a little more time these days. Even though we are busy, most of us can spare a few minutes or a few hours per day to compete in some way.

Parents are encouraged to play age-appropriate games with their children. Children learn many things that will be important throughout their lives. The importance of taking turns is one of the things a child learns by playing a game.

Chess is often considered a difficult game to learn. But studies indicate that a person need not be a genius to do well or to achieve a high level of skill in the game.

Practically all school age children can learn the basic rules. A free resource for learning chess can be found at the chessKIDS academy The coolest place on the web for kids to learn chess. Skill comes with practice. Those involved in organizing clubs should be sure to group children of similar ages and skills in order to prevent discouraging the younger, less skilled players.

educational gamesIt is safe to say that chess is one of the best board games of all time. Today, there are many others to choose from. Some of the most popular according to major online retailers involve words and opinions.

Anything can be a learning experience. A game like Scrabble can be used to help build vocabulary. One like Say Anything can be used to introduce social concepts or start thought provoking conversations.

Many of the best board games help with developing math skills even if it is only counting the numbers on the dice. Chutes and Ladders has been around for years and most parents still find it valuable for teaching children how to count.

A game can help with learning a second language. Milles Borne, for example, is a French card game. Some common French phrases, numbers and words are written on the cards. French teachers sometimes use it as an educational tool.

Other popular topics this year are matching, trivia, mystery and mazes. When you are comparing the latest chess games on the market, don’t forget to check out some of the other categories, too.

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