Educational Software Has Become A Must

by Frank Vanderlugt

If you're a teacher or a parent of a student struggling with his or her schoolwork or you just want to make learning more fun, educational software could be the answer! However, there are so many programs available to buy. How do you find the best educational programs at the best price?

Who better to rate the best educational software than the kids for whom the educational software was made? A number of Web sites invite kids to rate their experiences with the best educational software available. All of these lists of the best educational software available are typically searchable by subjects covered, appropriate grade level, price, and popularity.
SuperKids Educational Software Review at and the Learning Village at are a couple of examples. These reviewed lists of the best educational software on the market share a few kid testers' opinions and also provide more in-depth product information.

What are the best educational software programs to encourage children to learn to play the piano? What are the best educational software programs to help kids who are struggling with math? What do the kid testers say are the best educational software programs?, the education corner of the Discovery Channel Online, is another excellent place for reading comprehensive reviews of the best educational software. The site includes product overviews, strengths & weaknesses, technical requirements, skills learned, educational vs. entertainment value, price, and availability.

A list of the best educational software based on sales is updated each month at Some of the best educational software sellers include teaching typing programs like Mavis Bacon, I Spy "brain-building" puzzle games, and JumpStart educational software aimed at giving pre-schoolers and kindergartners a head start on their school lessons from home. also includes a monthly list of the best educational software sellers that are not so overt in their educational value but teach skills such as memory-building, concentration, and appreciation of the amount of work needed to perform tasks in the real world, like taking care of zoo and domestic animals. Games like these include Zoo Tycoon, The Sims, and Paws & Claws Vet.

Learning Village rates each of its titles so that the very best educational software is given the title "First Class Selection." An example of one of these best educational software programs is the Piano Suite Premier Bundle, which not only teaches your kids about musical theory and how to play the piano, but it includes a USB-compatible mini keyboard for your child to practice along with the computer!

If you're a teacher, the best educational software can liven up your class by taking them on a faraway adventure to the rainforest, solar system, or the time of the dinosaurs. If you're a parent, the best educational software can help your child come to realize that learning can be fun and give him or her the tools he or she needs to succeed in school!

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