Finding the Best Video Game Reviews

by James Kronfield

It's hard to go into any gaming website and find reviews that haven't been made by some high earning reviewer who may or may not have played the game they are actually reviewing. Being a gamer, it's nice to find websites dedicated to video gaming. I know, there's actually alot of them. How about trying to find a website about games that has reviews, but these reviews are written by gamers? Video games reviews that are written by actual gamers? I like the sounds of that. Don't you?

I was thinking about it and wouldn't it be nice to come across a gaming website that actually has video games reviews that are written by actual gamers. Think about it this way, sure many of the reviews that are up on these websites might be written by 'gamers' or maybe they aren't, I dont' know. However what if we took gamers, you know the types of gamers who go out and spend countless hours in line waiting for that next-gen console that's coming out, or the gamers who rush to the store when it opens for the next big game. The gamers who go home and spend countless hours playing these games and can easily tell you at the drop of a hat what's great and not so great about these games. Wouldn't it be nice to get video games reviews from these gamers?

I can really only speak for myself here, but maybe your like me. Are you the type of gamer who goes into a gaming website and takes a look at the gamer your interested in. You might check out the score and see what it rated out of 10, maybe go read some of the posts from the gamers who are playing the game and find out what they think about it or maybe ask your gaming friends to get a better understanding of the game and then decide if you want to take the time to try it? I'm that kind of gamer. In fact I couldn't tell you the last time I read a game review from any of the gaming websites.

My point is that with all of the gaming websites, I would rather see video games reviews that are written by actual gamers who spend countless hours playing the game until they know it like the back of their hand. How do I know that's what i'm getting with all of the other gaming websites out there today? I don't. What I do know is that I do get reviews from these websites, but myself and this is just me, would much rather ask my gaming friends how they feel about certain games before I go out and spend my hard earned cash. Especially if I don't know where the review is coming from.

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