French Learning Games Can Be Fun and Effective

educational gamesFrench learning games help with building vocabulary and teaching sentence structure. For English speaking students, sentence structure is often more difficult to learn than vocabulary.

Many native English speakers say that the sentence structure seems backwards. Of course to a native French speaker, English would seem backwards.

Learning pronunciation and accents is another difficult task. Students need to be able to hear how the words sound. Software and online tools are ideal for learning a different language, because the sounds can be built into the software.

In the US, learning Spanish has become practically essential in some areas. Students of all ages and people who are out of school are attempting to learn Spanish in order to make their jobs easier or in many cases to qualify for a job.

French, Spanish and other “Romance” languages are similar in many ways. Many students find that it is easier to learn a second Romance language, once they have learned the first.

It can, however, be difficult to study two languages at the same time. The vocabulary can easily become confusing. Most linguists recommend focusing on one language at a time. They recommend practicing regularly, in order to become proficient. Since it is not always possible to find someone to converse with, an interactive online game is the next best thing.

educational gamesLanguage arts games are also popular, especially for young students. Learning grammar, verbs, nouns, adjectives and punctuation is easier when the learning is fun.

Years ago, teachers taught those skills through rote repetition and memorization. During the seventies, shows like Schoolhouse Rock were introduced to help kids remember concepts such as the use of conjunctions. Kids didn’t realize they were learning when they memorized those cute songs. But their grades improved just the same.

Today, computer technology has provided even more tools. The selection of language arts games available for students is larger than at any time in the past.

Does a child need to learn all about the English language before learning another? There are differences of opinion about that. French, Spanish and other foreign languages are being introduced to pre-school age children. While the very young students may not become proficient in the language, they can build upon what they have learned as the years go by. There are people who never learned to conjugate a verb until they started learning a foreign language.

Whether you are an educator, a parent or a student, give some of the latest French learning games a try. You may be surprised by how much a game can help.

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