Game Based Learning

Game based learning goes along great with traditional classroom teaching.

educational gamesGame based learning has historically been considered informal. While educational games were sometimes found in traditional classrooms, they were used primarily during playtime. They were not considered a major part of the classroom experience.

Things are changing, albeit slowly. There are still many educators who believe in hours of lecture followed by more hours of lecture to prepare for quizzes, tests and final exams. But a growing number of teachers are using games for effective teaching to bring some fun into the classroom and to take advantage of all that this type of education has to offer.

There are also many non-traditional classrooms these days. With the introduction of online or distance education, the use of less traditional tools has increased. Also, more of the technologically advanced tools have been introduced to keep up with the growing demand.

The teacher’s goal is sometimes to keep up with what the kids are exposed to at home. If the activities in school do not seem as interesting as those at home, the teachers are more likely to lose the child. Boredom sets in.

Some educators think it is too hard to compete with TV, computers and other types of video entertainment. Some believe that the use of educational games can allow them to compete.

A teacher can use a video, board or card game. A student, tutor or parent can introduce one or more of those tools to help children succeed instead of leaving it all up to the teacher.

Not only can the tools be used to help students learn traditional subjects, they can be used to start dialogues about cultural or social barriers.

educational gamesEducational games can be used to introduce ideas or concepts. They can be used to start a conversation, which in turn can become a game based learning experience. There is truly no end to what can be accomplished.

There are two main characteristics that turn an activity into a game. The characteristics are rules and objectives. The object of the game is… You can achieve the object by…

An interactive activity need not be a game. The object could simply be getting the answer right. The method used to achieve the object could be as simple as clicking on or choosing the item that the student believes to be correct. Most interactive video activities are educational games.

Is educational gaming better than more formal or traditional methods of instruction? Most experts feel that combining all of the tools and techniques available is the best way to ensure the student’s success.

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