A Great Game That Keeps Children Fit Are Kids Basketball Games

educational gamesA great game that teaches teamwork and discipline is basketball. Kids basketball games are a great way for kids to stay healthy and fit. Basketball provides the youth with opportunities for learning how to lead, follow, and be coached. Basketball can be played one on one, five on five, twenty one, hustle, horse, around the world, and other variations. Each one provides valuable skill sets that last a lifetime.


Hustle can be a great kids basketball game to set up. Hustle is played with 2 - unlimited amount of players and utilizes the half court. A person is designated to go first and they proceed to take a shot anywhere from the free throw line extended. If the person who went first makes the shot, they receive the ball again at the free throw line and are now able to take a shot from anywhere on the court. If the person misses the shot, the one who gets the rebound is able to make a basket from wherever they choose. The next player who makes a basket will take the ball out from either the free throw or three point line and proceed to score again from anywhere they choose. The game continues like this until the first person who scores 21 wins.

*A key point to remember is the only time you must take a shot from the free throw line is the first shot of the game.

Twenty One

educational gamesTwenty one is very similar to hustle. A person is designated to go first and proceed to take a shot from the foul line. If the shot is made the player takes a shot from the foul line again. If the shot was missed the rebounder must clear the ball at the foul line and take a shot from wherever they choose. Once a basket is made the player has to take a shot from the free throw line. The player must make a basket from the free throw line 3 times in a row in order to take a shot from anywhere. If the player makes that basket, they go back to the free throw line and this cycle repeats. The game continues on until a player reaches 21.

Key Points to remember:

*Foul line shots are worth one point

*All other shots are worth two points

*You have to make 21 exactly. If you go past 21 you have to go back to 11 until you make 21 exactly.

These are just two of the many kid’s basketball games that are available for play. Whether it is horse, twenty one, hustle or any of the other basketball variations, these games will be hours of fun. It is an opportunity to get the children outside and make new friends at the same time.

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