Online Sudoku Puzzles: Get Into the Game

Online sudoku puzzles is the newest craze in online gaming. People are so crazy about this game that a great number of providers have already shut down due to excess activity. Isn’t that amazing? I know some of you must be asking just what sudoku game is.

Sudoku is a game that is created and popularized in Japan. It is a puzzle game which is very similar to crossword puzzle. However it doesn’t use words but numbers. I know numbers…and probably some of you are shrugging by now and wondering how on earth can a number puzzle game create such racket in the online gaming world? Well believe it or not it is creating noise alright and sudoku fans are increasing in numbers.

You must be thinking…okay there must be a great number of nerds around the globe who would find number puzzles fun. Guess again….most of the people that plays this game are not your typical nerds, mind you, but regular people just like you and me. So what is in sudoku that people just can’t seem to get enough of?

First, sudoku game puzzle does not involved math. I am not saying this just to get you hook on the game but its true…sudoko is not even close to being a math game. To play this game all you have to do is place the numbers 1 to 9 in correct placement and you have to this in rows, in columns and in the 3x3 square. Isn’t that simple or what?

online sudoku puzzle

I guess what draws players into this game is that fact that it is very simple to play. Online players compete with each other in terms of time—meaning whoever solves the sudoku puzzle in the shortest time is the winner. The sudoku number puzzle game is a very addictive game that it’s just hard to resist once you start playing it you will surely get hook to it.

Sudoku puzzles are excellent brain teasers and are referred to by many as wordless crossword puzzles. But unlike crosswords, sudoku game puzzle can be solved using lateral thinking alone and this is why it is making quite an impact around the world.

Online sudoku puzzles have unique solutions and does not require for the use of trial and error or simply putting it guessing. This of course makes the game more interesting and challenging. The time element also adds up to the charm of the game.

To join the number of sudoku fans on the internet you will have to register but don’t worry the registration is entirely for free. Once you are registered that’s the time that you can compete with the rest of the sudoku fans around the globe. And if ever it happens that you prove that you are the best when it comes to sudoku your name will be placed on a leader board for the entire world to see.

And of course you know what that means…popularity but you have to defend your title since other sudoku fans will surely take the position away from you. Remember that you are competing with the entire world.

Another good thing about online sudoku puzzles is the fact that they are not only fun but also very educational. And people who just hate numbers will surely come to appreciate them if they started playing sudoku. Sudoku puzzle games are great if you want to exercise your brain but not to the point of contracting a headache. It is a great game to kill time and to learn. I mean how many games have you found online that can give you the same satisfaction that you get out from playing sudoku? Not many. Although there is few that you may consider educational and fun but often very complicated so you give up playing them. But with sudoku you will never get tired playing. In fact you may not want to stop playing this game once you get started.

If you can get enough of sudoku online you may also download it on your mobile phone or on your personal computer. This will provide you with a great amount of time to practice your speed in solving sudoku puzzles. If you don’t have a mobile phone you may also get a load of sudoku by ordering newspapers that features this type of game. If you are more of a magazine types of person don’t worry because there are also magazines that feature sudoku puzzle games. You may order them online or purchase them from game stores or even bookstores simply ask if they have publications that feature online sudoku puzzles.

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