Toddler Activities for Birthdays or Any Days

educational gamesToddler activities need to be fun and short. Toddlers generally have short attention spans. So, they should not be expected to spend lots of time on a single activity. Ideally, they will have several to choose from. Here are a few ideas that you might use for your child’s next birthday party or on any rainy day.

How about Skeeball?

This version of the popular arcade game can be played using old boxes, containers or cups. There is no need to buy anything unless you want to. You will need a backboard to glue the cups or containers on to it. Your able to use a shoebox or a cereal box for that purpose as well.

You can choose cups or containers of different sizes. You might make the larger ones worth fewer points and the smaller ones worth more points. You can sit the box at an angle or flat on the ground. The toddlers will take turns throwing balls or beanbags into the cups. Okay, you might need to buy some balls or beanbags if you don’t have any.educational games

Alphabet Bugs

This is one of the fun and educational toddler games. You can print out ready-made alphabet bugs at several websites for free or you can make your own. You are simply adding wings to each letter of the alphabet so that they look like bugs.

This game can take a little preparation. You will be taping the letters A-Z on your body and clothing. Hopefully, you can find something on your body or clothing that corresponds to the letter. Some of them can be a little challenging, but with some thought you can do it. For instance, you might wear a hat with zebra print to use for the “z”.

As is the case with other toddler games, there are different versions of this one. Instead of taping the letters on your person, you can tape them on things around the child’s room or even outside. If you have a group of toddlers, they can make a game out of collecting the bugs. An adult can accompany them to say, “You got the A bug (or whatever the letter may be) off of that apple.” Eventually kids learn to associate the letters with the words that begin with them.

One of the most important things about toddler activities is that you enjoy them. Nothing takes the place of having fun with your kids.

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